Chef profile - Kieran Moody of Home, in Hull

When much-loved Hull pub/bar/bistro hosts Steve and Sam Shaw opened their latest venture, Home, on an unfavoured stretch of Beverley Road, many thought it a risk too far.

Kieran serves up dishes like roast cod loin with Mediterranean veg and chorizo. (Dave Lee).
Kieran serves up dishes like roast cod loin with Mediterranean veg and chorizo. (Dave Lee).

Home was, according to some, too distant from the rest of the city’s culinary and drinking scene to draw enough custom to survive.

In reality, it proved an instant hit and has enjoyed a couple of years (lockdown aside, obviously) offering laid-back vibes and cuisine that includes adventurous and classic, daily-changed meat, fish and vegan dishes.

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Hull College-trained chef Kieran Moody has been at home in Home since day one. He joined the team after an apprenticeship at a local pub and gained further experience at Italian Lucca and fish restaurant Bait, both round the corner on Princes Avenue.

Home, in Hull, has a relaxed, laid-back feel.

As well as imaginative UK, European and US dishes, his passion for East Asian cuisine – primarily Thai and Japanese food – means that you’re as likely to see crispy dumplings with miso broth as you are deep fried banana blossom on the Home chalkboard.

Remarkably, though, the dishes always maintain a home-cooked rough edge, so they are robust and no-nonsense. If it’s in season and available locally, Kieran considers putting it on your plate to be his passion.

Can you remember the first dish you ever cooked – and was it a success? I’m struggling to remember but I believe it was lasagne. It was one of my favourite dishes to eat as a child, still is, to be honest. My mum always made a cracking lasagne so I don’t doubt she’d have helped me out and made sure I cooked a good one.

Who is your inspiration in the kitchen and why? Without wanting to sound like a crawler, I would have to say that at the moment it’s my bosses Steve and Sam.

They worked so hard to set Home up and their devotion to making it a success is hugely inspiring. I also admire their relaxed and friendly rapport with everyone who walks through the door. I’m pleased to say that I see them more as friends than employers. That’s a great thing.

What was the first recipe book you ever owned? This would probably be a lot of people’s answer, but it was the Be-Ro Home Baked Recipes book. It’s been in print since the 1920s and must be in just about every kitchen in the country.

It certainly was in ours. I used it so much that I couldn’t read my favourite recipes in the end because the pages were stuck together with cake batter.

If you organised a dinner party, which three people would you invite and why? Although I’m from east Hull, I support Liverpool, so I’d go for Jürgen Klopp just so I could hammer him with questions and praise all night.

Then I’d go for Dave Grohl. I love Nirvana and Foo Fighters and he always comes across as a genuinely great bloke. And I’ve always found Ainsley Harriott a bit of a TV legend. He has an infectious smile and I’m sure he’d be huge fun.

What is your favourite ingredient and why? Such a hard question. I love fish, obviously, but I think I’ll go for flour. It’s a simple staple but imagine cookery without it. No pizza, no pasta, no batter, no dough, no pies. And cake. Who doesn’t love cake?

What did you get up to during lockdown? It was very hard for a lot of people, but I spent the first lockdown with my housemates who are also my best friends. We all took it in turns to cook and I got to teach them a few things in the kitchen. I dabbled in wood-carving and pottery, which didn’t last long. It’s a lot harder than it looks.

Before the second lockdown, I was lucky enough to meet my girlfriend which has made subsequent lockdowns just as much fun.