From Burrito to Creme Egg: The unusual ways to eat a Yorkshire Pudding

The classic, long-standing Yorkshire Pudding keeps surprising the nation with the seemingly unending list of ideas and recipes which show the different ways you can eat the Yorkshire Pudding.

Have you ever tried a Yorkshire Pudding Pizza?
Have you ever tried a Yorkshire Pudding Pizza?

The recent revelation of the Creme Egg Yorkshire Pudding took the nation by storm and showed just how versatile the Yorkshire Pudding can be.

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However, are there any more possible ways to eat the tasty Yorkshire pud and can any other unusual ingredients be paired with this batter-based staple? The simple answer is yes.

Have you ever tried a Yorkshire Pudding Pizza?

The opportunities really are endless as new ways continue to pop up and show the world just how versatile the humble Yorkshire Pudding really is.

1.Quiche with a Yorkshire batter crust

Who would have ever thought that the pastry-based bottom of the classic quiche could be substituted with a Yorkshire Pudding crust and taste so delicious?

This alternative recipe merges Yorkshire with France and brings a bit of the White Rose county to this classic party food.

The Yorkshire Pudding Wrap is now a firm favourite in the UK

2. Yorkshire Pudding Sandwich

Two of the nation’s favourite foods combined into one delicious snack. Now Yorkshire Puddings don’t have to be saved for a Sunday Roast, as you can have this for lunch every single day.

Simply put a filling of your choice between two great big slices of Yorkshire Pudding and you’re good to go.

Top tip: If you’re still wanting a roast dinner, but in a more accessible and transportable form, put slices of roast beef, onions and some horseradish sauce between the two layers of batter and voilà, you’ve got a roast dinner sandwich.

Have you ever tried a Yorkshire Pudding Pizza?

3. Cinnamon glazed Yorkie doughnuts

Have you ever wanted a doughnut combined with a Yorkshire Pudding? Well now you can and it’s more delicious than you could ever imagine.

The recipe is ever so simple and allows you to have a delicious Yorkshire Pudding Doughnut hybrid in a matter of minutes.

Simply make some icing using icing sugar and water and add ½ tsp cinnamon. Drizzle this over your Yorkshire, before mixing 3 tsp of brown sugar with ½ teaspoon of cinnamon and sprinkle over the top. There you have it, your very own cinnamon Yorkie doughnut

The Yorkshire Pudding Wrap is now a firm favourite in the UK

4.Yorkshire Pudding Profiteroles

Sticking to the sweet theme, this uses the classic Yorkshire Pudding to make a simple, yet delicious dessert. Simply substitute the choux pastry for a yorkshire pud and you have your very own Yorkshire version of the profiterole. You can even make your Yorkshire Puddings even bigger to create giant chocolate covered profiteroles.

Just melt a bowl of chocolate, dip one Yorkie into it and put it in the fridge to cool. Then whip up some double cream whilst you’re waiting for the chocolate to cool, spoon this cream into a second Yorkie and then sandwich them both together and you’ve got a Yorkshire Pudding profiterole.

5. Yorkshire Pudding Pizza

What could be better than a pizza and pudding combined all in one? Now you can enjoy a tasty pizza, but with a batter base instead of dough.

The opportunities are endless with this, you can have mini pizzas, giant pizzas and you can choose whatever you like for the fillings. This twist combines two of the nation’s favourite dishes and provides a deliciously tasty treat.

6. Spaghetti Bolognese

Sticking to the Italian theme, what better way to eat a Spag Bol, than served in a Yorkshire pud? You can substitute the pasta or keep it in, but either way this is definitely the new way to eat this classic Italian dish.

7. Wrap/Burrito

When places around the UK started serving up Yorkshire Pudding wraps last year, the nation, especially Yorkshire, went into meltdown and this new trend has stuck around. You can now have the ingredients of a whole Sunday dinner in wrap made out of a Yorkshire pud. Is there really anything better than this?

8. Yorkshire Pudding Kebab

Combine one of the nation’s favourite Saturday night takeaway dishes with the Yorkshire Pudding to create this game-changing dish.

Simply put all of the ingredients of your favourite kebab into a giant rolled up Yorkshire Pudding base and you’ve got yourself a Yorkshire Pudding kebab.

9. Burger

Who needs a brioche or seeded bun when you can have a Yorkshire Pudding instead? This makes a simple burger even better by surrounding the filling of your choice with Yorkshire Puddings.

Simply make two large puddings and put one on the bottom, one on the top and you’ve got yourself a delicious Yorkshire Pudding based meal.

10. Yorkshire Pudding Pot Noodle

This might not be for everybody, but the Pot Noodle is a quick snack that people across the UK love, so what better way to serve it that in a Yorkshire pud?

Simply make a Pot Noodle and either make homemade puddings or frozen ones and pour in the Pot Noodle. It’s definitely a unique mixture of flavours, but who knows, the combination of noodles with batter might just be the next big thing.