How to cook the perfect Yorkshire pudding - according to The Yorkshire Post's readers

If you've not been brought up making Yorkshire puddings for your Sunday roast, they can be tricky to master. Read on to learn from the best...

We asked readers for their top tips when it comes to making the perfect Yorkshire pudding - and they delivered.

Read on to find out what - and what not - to do for the perfect pud.

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For the perfect Yorkshire pudding...

Yorkshire folk share their advice on how to make the best Yorkshire puddings

"Make the batter ahead & let it rest. DONT open the oven door." - Nick Robinson

"Hot oven, smoking hot lard. No weighing just done by eye." - Carole Swann

"Make sure your Yorkshire pudding batter is very cold and pour into a searingly hot tin with beef dripping." - Hollie Rushton

"Use a cup and fill with plain flour, tip into a bowl, do same with eggs and milk, season and whisk, leave to rest for an hour. Put fat in baking tin in oven on highest heat, when fat is sizzling pour mixture in and cook at 180 for 30-40 minutes." - Sandra Barraclough

"Don’t leave in the Aga for 5 days!!!!" Angela Geraghty advised (Pic credit: Angela Geraghty)

"3 equal parts of eggs/flour/milk" - Julie Anne Maxwell

"You need to use equal amounts of eggs milk flour. Eg if you use a teacup of flour you need teacup of eggs and teacup of milk. Adjust amounts at needed for more or less but always 3 equal parts. Very hot fat." Geraldine Cullen

"A very hot oven." - Andrew Widdop

"Let the mixture stand a few hours before cooking in the hottest beef dripping ever." - Sue Gollop

"Add an extra egg white to the mix!" - Julie Ward

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"Use a general purpose plain flour never use strong bread flour whisk milk and eggs together fold in the flour." - Rols Can

"Make the batter the night before and store in the fridge smoking hot tubs and they will rise loads." - Marie Johnson

"Make the batter the day before, if your recipe says two eggs use three." - David Sturrs

"Red hot oil and pan." - Amanda Jewitt

"If recipe said one egg put two. Helps if you're like me a Yorkshire born and bred." - John Kerbotson

"I was taught to make them from a very young age a rite of passage I don’t weigh anything just remember to get the dripping/ oil red hot and don't over stir." - Rebecca Langhan

"Keep chilled as long as poss before decanting into trays." - Frances Buchanan

"Never put the batter into the pan unless the pan is smoking hot. Also a good beating." Enid Sanders

"Equal quantities of eggs, milk and flour. Made the day before to allow time to rest. Hot oven(190 degrees), heat oil for 15minutes to make sure its hot. Pour batter into tins. Leave for at least 15minutes before opening the door." - Rob Harrison

"2 eggs 70gr plain flour 100ml milk" - Richardjames Markham

"Do not stir again after they have rested!" - Margaret Cookson

"Buy Aunt Bessies frozen!!" - Anne Glover

And finally, some truly important advice:

"Don’t leave in the Aga for 5 days!!!!" - Angela Geraghty