London bar serves 'Britain's cheapest pints' - beating record previously held by Yorkshire pub

A London pub is serving what could be Britain's cheapest pints - for just £1.49 - some 40p cheaper than the Yorkshire pub that previously held the record.

The Walnut Tree in Leytonstone is selling both Greene King IPA and Ruddles Best at the bargain price.

That means you could buy three pints of the stuff - and still have change from a £5 note.

It is thought that the East London Wetherspoons could be serving the nation's cheapest pint.

A London pub is selling pints for £1.49

The Turls Green in Bradford was previously revealed to be selling the UK's cheapest pint - also a Greene King IPA - for £1.89 back in 2019.

But the Walnut Tree has slashed its prices even lower.

One drinker said yesterday (July 7): “It’s a family-orientated pub with pink flowers outside.

“The drinks are cheap and the food tastes good – what more can you want really?

The London pub is well reviewed

“I come by when I fancy a drink but don’t want to pay crazy London prices - £1.50 is fair enough and means you can get three pints with a fiver.”

A spokesperson for Wetherspoons said: “Like all Wetherspoons pubs, The Walnut Tree is known for its competitive prices.

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“People in the area are aware that the pub food and drinks are fairly priced and that is an attraction as it – good service, a wide range of real ales and no music.

“The cheapest pint is a Ruddles or Greene King at £1.49 and The Walnut Tree is a very popular pub.

“Staff work hard to ensure that they offer customers a great pub in which to socialise.

“The pub serves a wide range of drink and food in a music-free environment – it is well known in the area and attracts a cross-section of customers which creates a good friendly atmosphere.”

The pub was named after the Walnut Tree House – the area’s oldest building at over 350 years old – and the site of the pub was part of the same estate until 1870.

Now, the boozer attracts punters looking for a cheap drink and signature Wetherspoons atmosphere – fairly priced food and drink, a wide range of real ales, and no music.

Reviews for the pub are favourable, with pub-goers praising the ‘very good prices for food and drink, even more so considering the location’ and ‘brilliant prices, staff, cleanliness’, with others calling it ‘the best place to go out if you don’t want to overspend’.

Greene King IPA and Ruddles Best have had their price set even lower in Wetherspoons before - being sold for just 99p last October.