See inside the Yorkshire pub that a homesick expat bought, deconstructed, transported 400 miles, and rebuilt in Germany

Father-of-two Paul John Moss, 49, has been happily living abroad for 25 years, but desperately missed a "scruffy but cosy English boozer".

The pub is now located in Iserlohn, near the German city of Dortmund

When the New Crown Inn in Bridlington, East Yorkshire was sold to developers to turn into luxury flats, Paul bought everything.

He painstakingly deconstructed the entire venue and shipped it 400 miles to Iserlohn, near the German city of Dortmund, where it was assembled piece by piece.

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Take a look inside.

Inside, the pub very much looks like it could still be in Yorkshire
The New Crown Inn when it was located in Bridlington
The New Crown Inn in Germany
Paul took over everything from the mahogany front bar, signage and beer taps, to the front doors and even the dirty pint glasses.
Father-of-two Paul John Moss
The pub was painstakingly reassembled more than 400 miles from its original location
Almost all he left behind in Bridlington was the walls - and the sticky carpet.
The beer garden even contains a red telephone box