Software solutions for hospitality businesses in Yorkshire

Whether you’re a small takeaway or a large restaurant chain, all hospitality businesses need a customer-friendly way of managing orders and payments.

But at Tectah they go much further than that and can offer software solutions to cover every aspect of your business – whether that is a simple online or telephone ordering and payments system, to a fully-integrated management system that will keep everything from HR records to stock taking; invoicing to live food orders in one place.

Who are Tectah?

Tectah is a business that was developed in Manchester about five years ago – and uses a system called Foodb (pronounced food bee – like the Manchester bee). It came about from the experiences of a coffee shop which was struggling to keep up with demand meaning, despite serving great coffee and being a big success, its customers were waiting too long for orders or the system did not process payments efficiently.

This could transform the ordering and payment systems for your businessThis could transform the ordering and payment systems for your business
This could transform the ordering and payment systems for your business

So, the new software was developed – and as the team behind this were real food fans and enthusiastic about restaurants and hospitality, they’ve thought of every aspect of the industry. Their solutions work for quick service cafes and takeaways to high-end restaurants allowing customers to self-serve, or integrating it into tablets for serving staff to take orders at tables – and all going directly to the kitchen for speedy processing.

What do they offer?

It’s unusual in this line of work to find women in the business, but here operations manager Tyana, bucks that trend. She explained that customer service was hugely important to the company. Each client will have a key account manager- and each key account manager has no more than 10 clients so they can really get to know you, and your business and most of all support the growth and needs of the business.

“The nature of the business is such that we might have a business opening up at 5 in the morning and there will be others that don’t close until 5am. It’s a 24-hour business so we provide 24-hour help. We’re quite proud to offer this service from our UK based call centre.,” she explained.

And, knowing the diversity of staff and owners in the trade, the business has its programmes written in 12 different languages – including Gujrati, Tamil, Hindi, Mandarin, Urdu, French, Spanish, Arabic, and German – with more planned to come onstream.

The north of England is a thriving area for foodies – with Leeds, Bradford, Batley, Dewsbury as well as Manchester dominating the north for food and drink outlets.

“Around 70% of our business comes from Yorkshire,” Tyana explained.

The company is working with large businesses and franchise groups from US, Netherland and China.

Tectah is part of a company which also offers payment solutions, so clients who use their service will have the peace of mind that payments are handled by the same company, and the software is designed to link in easily with many existing hospitality booking systems, so those connections can usually be made easily within a couple of days.

Packages offered

Tectah offers a range of packages which include:

Enterprise – this is a system which allows brings all the backroom admin functions digitally into one place including payroll, hours, stock levels, suppliers, invoicing- reducing staff time and costs on these processes.

Head office management – designed for larger companies this allows clients to manage and control multiple outlets, and provides reports across the company.

Hospitality Solution – Tectah have built their own hospitality system here which covers all aspects of food ordering and delivery including kitchen display systems; telephone and online ordering systems (flagging up previous customers so if they phone you know their name and what they order!); live table bookings integrated with existing booking systems; hand-held ordering systems.

Management System – this gives operating managers an overview of its customers and what is happening- it can bring together comments, complaints, loyalty schemes and manage a secure database of those customers who have agreed, so you can market to them directly. This also links in with hygiene controls, reporting and certification.

Artificial Intelligence – this is the cutting-edge of hospitality. It’s a system linked to predict weather systems and trends, which also analyses past business to give you a better indication of business in the days, weeks and months ahead, helping you control staffing and stock to ensure maximum efficiency and help you harness any opportunities.

It’s been a tough time for the hospitality industry, and staffing continues to be a challenge, but Tectah could have the solution to help your operation survive and thrive. To find out more visit Tectah’s website here

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