What fruit or veg is poisonous for dogs? Can dogs eat strawberries? Yorkshire canine experts explain

There have been queries about whether dogs can eat strawberries. Here are the responses from Yorkshire-based canine experts.

Can dogs eat strawberries? (Pic credit: James Hardisty)

If you are a dog owner, it’s important to know what food your dog/s should and shouldn’t eat. There are various fruits and vegetables to look out for that may harm your pooch.

Can dogs eat strawberries?

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In a word. Yes. But according to veterinary surgeon and company director of Em’s Vet Services, Em Chikan, and dog trainer and founder of Bob and Pals, Rachael Tomlinson, they cannot be eaten with cream or in high quantities.

“First of all, to clear it up: strawberries are not poisonous for dogs. They are safe to eat as long as they are washed and not given in large quantities or given with cream, as that could cause upset tummies,” Em said.

Rachael added: “We're regularly asked which fruits and vegetables dogs can eat, so we created a KONGspiration ebook, which gives our customers information on the kind of things their dog can eat.

“Dogs can eat strawberries but we would only suggest they have them in moderation because they are high in sugar, so they shouldn't have loads of them in their diets but lots of dogs do enjoy them.”

Rachael explains which other fruit and vegetables are beneficial to dogs.

“Blueberries are high in antioxidants and carrots are great for puppies because it gives them something to chew on and helps when they're teething,” she said.

“Dogs should primarily have high meat content in their diets which should be supplemented with fresh fruit and vegetables because that means they're getting plenty of water soluble vitamins and minerals in their diet which is often lacking in kibble because it's a dry product, so we make it up in fresh fruit and veg.”

What should dogs not eat?

Em warns that there is a fruit that should not be given to dogs.

“There is one fruit which [dog owners] should never feed dogs and that’s grapes, as even in a small quantity, it may cause kidney failure,” Em added.

“What people should also avoid feeding is cheap, supermarket branded food, also the ones with high carbohydrate content as these could cause weight gain, hyperactivity and even can make the dogs more likely to develop conditions like diabetes. As a general rule, the price of the feed reflects the quality.

“It’s also not a good idea to feed home cooked meals as they are unlikely to contain all the necessary nutrients they need.”

According to Rachael, certain vegetables are off-limits to dogs too.

“Dogs can eat all kinds of fruit and veg but it’s best to check first before you feed them something new because there are some things that dogs can’t eat, like onions or raisins,” she said.

Rachael also suggests that all dog owners should chat to a canine nutritionist for more information on what they should and shouldn’t eat.