Whitby Lemon Buns bakers create Yorkshire Day Pudding recipe for Yorkshire Day  - A recipe for Yorkshire Post readers

There’s no better way to celebrate Yorkshire Day than with a cuppa tea and a celebration cake specially created for our region's ‘big day.’

Inspired by the Platinum Jubilee Pudding which caused a stir across Great Britain as bakers and non-bakers alike constructed the dessert, we have designed our very own Rhubarb & Ginger Parkin Layer Cake.

When we say ‘we,’ we mean the ‘royal we’ as we turned to the family of bakers behind the legendary Whitby Lemon Buns - Botham’s - for this particular task.

With Botham’s of Whitby’s exclusive recipe for Yorkshire Post, you can bake the cake from scratch or simply construct it - depending on your level of technical expertise.

Can you bake or assemble one? Botham's of Whitby and Yorkshire Post's Yorkshire Day Pudding

The great-great granddaughter of Elizabeth Botham, Anita decided to whip up a dessert for Yorkshire Day which people can “easily recreate at home.”

But Anita, who works in IT within the business, admits to not being a professional baker like her sister Lois Borrett, 38, who makes the Botham Lemon Buns by hand.

Anita said Lois helped her put the recipe together for this Rhubarb & Ginger Parkin Layer Cake recipe.

Lois said: “We were inspired by the Platinum Jubilee Pudding recipe, which took a Swiss Roll and created a trifle. So, we took a Yorkshire Ginger Parkin and created a Rhubarb & Ginger Parkin Layer Cake.

Tag us with your creation @YorkshirePost - Can you bake or assemble one?

“It’s very easy for readers to make at home – you just have to make some rhubarb jam (or you can use a jar) and buttercream.”

Rhubarb & Ginger Parkin Layer Cake


1x Yorkshire Ginger Parkin (www.botham.co.uk)

Tag us with your creation @YorkshirePost - Can you bake or assemble one? Botham's of Whitby and Yorkshire Post's Yorkshire Day Pudding

For the Jam:

200g rhubarb

200g granulated sugar

Quarter of lemon (to squeeze)

Ginger Parkin to use as the layers

For the cream frosting:

100g butter

200g icing sugar

1tbsp milk

¼ tbsp vanilla extract

Sml pinch of salt

The ingredients for those who choose to assemble (no Rhubarb needed unless you make your own jam -yum!)

(You will make more frosting than you require, but smaller quantities are harder to mix)

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Jam: Place chopped rhubarb & sugar in a pan over medium heat until sugar dissolves, then add lemon juice. Bring to a boil. Boil until the jam passes the spoon test (dip spoon in jam and remove – jam is ready when a thin coating remains on the spoon) Put to one side and cool.

Frosting: Whip butter until light & fluffy. Add icing sugar and mix well – remember to scrape down the bowl for a smooth mix. Half-way through the mix, add a small pinch of salt and vanilla extract. Mix until fluffy. At this point, slowly add the milk until piping consistency is achieved.

Layering: Slice Yorkshire Ginger Parkin horizontally into four or five slices. On the serving board, first place a layer of Parkin then spread jam on top followed by piped cream – repeat until the top layer. Then, for the top layer, pipe the cream first and then add the jam last. Decorate as you wish - edible flowers look particularly beautiful.

Slice and enjoy.

We can’t wait to see your weird and wonderful versions of this Yorkshire Day Pudding, tag us with your photos and videos @YorkshirePost @SophieMeiLan @BothamsofWhitby

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