Why the George and Dragon in Wentworth is an oasis in an all too busy world

According to a local historian, the premises here have been serving sustenance to locals and travellers since 1804, although it appears that the building itself is a lot older.

The George sits well back from the B6090 road that runs through this attractive little village, so be warned that you could well coast right past it without a second glance – but it would be foolish of you if you did, because this must be one of the best pubs in the area. Just down the hill is the popular Heritage destination of Elsecar, behind a beautifully kept and turfed large beer garden is the “new” parish church, and also the older and more picturesque medieval original, and around the corner is the magnificent pile that makes up the mansion of Wentworth Woodhouse.

Do your walking and strolling before you turn up at the G&D, and work up a good appetite if you intended to dine, for calling the portions of the main courses here “generous” would be a terrible understatement.

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There are plenty of good ales at the bar, on this occasion they included a Local Duke from the excellent Welbeck brewery and that great favourite, Moonshine. Wines by the bottle are (as so often) far more sensible than by a single glass. Even in mid-week, it is clearly sensible to book in advance, for this is a popular venue, and it’s not hard to see why. There’s also a warmly inviting little snug and a far bigger parlour. Tradition seeps out of the stonework, with the only nod to the “art” of interior design surrounding the eating space. If it were removed, to be frank, no-one would miss its faux “charms”, for the George has tradition in abundance.

The George and DragonThe George and Dragon
The George and Dragon

One of the most attractive things about a good pub these days, is that it makes you want to sit, relax, pause, and contemplate for a while. I doubt that the original landlord of the George would have understood the expression “chilled out”, but his successor maintains an idyllic spot where his guests can unwind, and relax. An oasis in an all-too-busy-world.

The George and Dragon, 85 Main Street, Wentworth, S62 7TN Tel 01226 742440

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