Former banking chief launches Yorkshire luxury luggage label

Paul Boulton had spent more than a quarter of a century working as a banking industry executive when he decided it was time for him to make a change.

Mr Boulton, who spent 26 years as sales and development director for a company supplying the retail banking sector, decided on a radical career change when his mother gifted him a rare, 1940’s era suitcase that her late, second husband, Peter Madeley, had used to travel around Europe.

In honour of his step-father, he has branded the new range ‘Madeley Yorkshire’ and created a distinctive logo, made up of the M and Y letters, that will appear discreetly on all products.

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He hopes that, one day, it will become as recognisable as those for some of the most famous names in the fashion and luxury goods industry, such as Gucci, Hermes and Louis Vuitton.

Mr Boulton, aged 57, who lives near Ripon in North Yorkshire, told The Yorkshire Post: “I had had enough. I wanted to work for myself. It was quite daunting but it was something I just had to do. There were two reasons. I was so passionate about the products and I have never been shy of work, I have always been successful in sales.

“Then there was health reasons. There was tremendous pressure on me and the banking sector, since the Brexit vote, has changed dramatically.”

Mr Boulton originally wished to produce his luxury cases in the UK but was unable to source a UK manufacturer that made the grade. He eventually partnered with a business in Milan, Italy and will this week begin selling Madeley Yorkshire products from his online store.

“I have sourced the finest leathers and highest quality metal fittings and am working with a specialist manufacturing company near Milan in Italy who share the same passion for the product that I do.

“I have invested a considerable amount of savings and time into the design and production of an initial range of cases modelled on the original owned by my late step-father.

“The customer we are likely to attract is going to very much primarily be discerning gentlemen. However I do want to launch ladies bags in the future.

“Some people might question my sanity in giving up a well paid and secure executive job at my time of life but I felt that was something I absolutely had to do. Fortunately, my wife is completely behind me.

“I am passionate about making Madeley Yorkshire a real competitor in the luxury leather good market. These are products that will last a lifetime and will appeal to individuals who appreciate real quality, provenance and outstanding workmanship.”