Find your colour personality

Your colour personality could help you decide how to decorate. Sharon Dale reports.

Spring style is colourful and playful.

Habitat has teamed up with interior designer and colour advocate Sophie Robinson to help us pinpoint our “colour personality”.

“It’s very instinctive. It gets us out of our heads and back in touch with our gut, which allows us to make more emotional and bolder design choices,” says Sophie, who uses a colour psychology method devised by psychologist Angela Wright

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*The spring personality is full of life and youthful energy. They have a very positive outlook. In terms of their home they crave lots of natural light. They favour new designs but also busy prints with lots of energy.

Summer personalities like an elegant look

Colours are warm but clear so they have a lightness to them. Furniture will have clean lines in pale woods or painted and they love a little sparkle so glass and glossy surfaces are a favourite. Textures will be smooth or shiny and styling will feel modern yet welcoming. Ultimately, they are young at heart so they love anything cute.

*The summer personality is graceful and elegant and more reserved. They are attracted to more muted and subtle colours and patterns are painterly and flowing. Generally they love a soft, floaty and romantic style but also they love a touch of formality and enjoy symmetrical arrangements and structure.

They are attracted to tradition and will look towards the past for inspiration, so love elements of patina and distress. They have a love of nature and the overall look is understated and never showy.

*Autumn is organic, robust, and abundant. These are passionate people with a strong connection to nature, attracted to rich colours and furniture with a substantial or textured feel. Authenticity is important and so they love the rustic style and anything that celebrates craftsmanship and heritage. They have a great love of art and education so they will have a library of books in their home. They want their spaces to feel welcoming, cosy and relaxed so you’ll see collections of sentimental importance on display.

Autumn personalities love nature and craftsmanship

*Winter personalities love drama and making strong design statements. Colours are sharp, cool and bright and they match this strength with striking patterns, such as geometrics. They love their homes to be a reflection of their self-assurance and are likely to choose pioneering or iconic designs. In terms of style

There is a coolness and attention to detail throughout and they’re drawn to the latest tech or luxury furnishings. Minimalists would be winter people but on the same extreme so would a dramatic maximalist pad.

*For more tips, inspiration and guides from Sophie Robinson visit

*Angela Wright began to explore how colour influences mood and behaviour in the 1970s. Until then, the effects of colour were generally considered to be completely subjective.

Winter personalities love drama.

She studied psychoanalytical psychotherapy at Queen Mary’s Hospital in Roehampton before studying the dynamics of colour in Carmel, California, where she identified links between patterns of colour and patterns of human behaviour.

Her book “The Beginner’s Guide to Colour Psychology” was a best-seller.

Summer personalities like an elegant look
Autumn personalities love nature and craftsmanship
Winter personalities love drama.