Future hotspot - why Kirkstall is the most up-and-coming suburb in Leeds

Estate agent Mark Manning reveals why Kirkstall is the most up-and-coming, set to be sought-after suburb in Leeds.

The Leeds suburb of Kirkstall has been one to watch for a while now but it is still very much on an upward journey and has a long way to go.If you’re looking to buy a house in an area where prices are going to increase and give you a good return on your investment, then Kirkstall is for you.The first thing that the suburb offers potential buyers is a hugely diverse mix of housing to choose from. From stunning period homes that line the roads near Kirkstall Abbey and traditional 1930s semis to smaller back-to-back terraces and an array of apartments, there really is something for every kind of buyer.There is also a lot of new housing being built here, too, and when developers target an area like this, it is always a sure-fire sign that it is a location on the up.

Property prices

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House prices in Kirkstall are also diverse, ranging from as little as £80,000 for a modern one-bedroom apartment to £200,00 for a three-bedroom semi and all the way up to £500,000 for a larger, period home.This variety means the area is attracting an eclectic mix of buyers from various walks of life and that is creating an exciting vibrancy.Kirkstall’s location is key to its growing success. Being situated just on the edge of the city centre means it’s only a short commute in, which is an attractive proposition for city workers who don’t want to spend huge amounts of time getting to and from work.You can drive, cycle or get the bus into town easily and new cycle and bus lanes on Kirkstall and Burley Road have made those options even quicker over the past few years.

Rail links

The area is now linked to the city centre by rail, too, thanks to the new train station at Kirkstall Forge (Read more:> on Kirkstall Forge.). This offers a commute into the city centre taking an average of just 10 minutes and costing from as little as £3.This is a huge pull for workers looking to buy a property with easy access into the city centre and, I imagine, new people coming to live and work in central Leeds, such as those set to be employed at Channel 4 or Sky Hub.The Kirkstall Forge development, which is on-going, has also been a brilliant addition to the area. It is a landmark scheme that I’m really excited about and one which will impact the area really positively.It has brought with it a huge investment in infrastructure and amenities and aims to create a brand-new community within the suburb.As this development progresses, more amenities and office spaces will be launched. Key business players, including Mercedes Benz and Bupa, have already moved into offices at Kirkstall Forge, so it will become an important business centre in its own right, making the area even more attractive to employees of companies based there.There’s also a potential new school earmarked for the area, which will further attract new residents and help lift prices in the coming years.

Who's buying?

In terms of the types of buyers we are seeing in Kirkstall at the moment, it is generally first-timers and families. Some are finding they can get more value for their money than in the neighbouring suburb of Horsforth where prices are often higher. This value for money is a major pull.We also expect to see many more young professionals buying in the area over the next few years so anyone opening up a new restaurant, shop or deli in Kirkstall is likely to make a success of it as the popularity of this area increases.All these factors together will work to increase the popularity of Kirkstall and push house prices up in the area over the next few years.Top tip: Try and buy a property as close to the new Kirkstall Forge