Gardening jobs for the week ahead

The weather might be blowing hot and cold, but this is one of the busiest times of year for gardeners. So if you can, make the most of this long weekend...

It's a good time to trim back spreading plants, such as candytuft.

Thin out drifts of hardy annuals.

Harden off half-hardy plants by leaving them outside during the day and bringing them back under cover at night before planting outdoors.

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Plant summer hanging-baskets, adding good-quality compost, slow-release fertiliser and water-retaining crystals, to keep them in top condition. Protect them from late frost.

Harden off dahlias and tender exotics.

Continue dividing herbaceous perennials to improve vigour and create new plants.

Trim back spreading plants, such as candytuft (pictured), after they’ve flowered, to encourage fresh new growth and more blooms.

Take cuttings of tender perennials, such as fuchsia, argyranthemum and pelargonium.