Gardening - jobs for the week ahead

Well, it looks like some warm, sunny weather has arrived (finally). Time to crack on in the garden...

It's a good idea to harden off summer bedding plants.

The last of the spring-flowering shrubs which have finished blooming should be pruned and clipped where necessary.

Equally, spring-flowering perennials can be cut back and, if required, lifted and divided.

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Lightly trim box hedges or train to shape specimen plants.

Feed and weed lawns, begin a mowing regime and repair any bald or worn patches.

Harden off summer bedding (pictured) by placing plants outdoors during the day, bringing them back under cover at night if frost threatens.

In greenhouses and conservatories, aphids may be a problem. The best way to deal with them is by spraying with a proprietary systemic insecticide, but if you’re not into chemicals, use soft soap sprays or even hand-pick the little blighters off the leaves and stems.