Gardening jobs for the week ahead

If it doesn't rain too much, here are some of things to be doing in the garden over the coming days...

Clip evergreen hedges like the yew while they’re still actively growing.

Keep an eye out for white powdery mildew on plants. If possible, remove the affected parts and spray with a fungicide to prevent further spread.

Look for aphids on the underside of leaves – rub them off by hand or spray with an insecticide to prevent them multiplying. Alternatively try using a natural pest control such as lacewing larvae.

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And beware the scarlet lily beetle – remove and crush any you see. Also check for the sticky brown larvae on the underside of leaves.

Clip evergreen hedges such as privet, box and yew (pictured) while they’re in active growth.

Check plants in your greenhouse and water them if the soil is dry.

Deadhead your roses if they’re repeat-flowering types. Otherwise, leave the seedheads on for decoration.