Homes: Lasting memories

At a time when everything seems disposable, Jamie Hempsall creates some enduring memories with personalised decorations.


As we approach the season of goodwill, spirits are high in the office as we put the finishing touches to the Christmas decorations we hand make for special clients and colleagues.

We know these are received with great affection as 
people tell us how much they not only anticipate the arrival of our little parcels, but how they enjoy the warm buzz of friendship they get as they unwrap the ones from previous years to hang 
on tree.

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The ability to fashion something personal to the recipient is more available than ever as internet communication and modern laser production techniques mean even engraved items are available cost-effectively.

Personalised Christmas decorations have been around for years in various forms, but these days they feature increasingly sophisticated designs at relatively reasonable prices.

As everyone does the rounds of Christmas parties, it can be nice to present your host with a personalised decoration to add to their tree – something that will certainly last longer than a bottle of wine or box of chocolates.

One of the most intriguing I have come across is the Neon Polaroid Glass Christmas Bauble from Sophia Victoria Joy at

The clear glass bauble contains your chosen photograph printed as a miniature Polaroid and is strung with neon ribbon. The end effect is pretty awe-inspiring (£12.50 –

A number of sites now offer products where a name is highlighted by being cut out of a shape.

An elegant example is the personalised pearlescent reindeer decoration from (01295 261161).

The decorations can be given a bit more festive flare by being adorned with Swarovski crystals. At £4 each, you could create a herd of reindeer with one for each of the family.

Traditionalists may well adore the Wooden Gingerbread Tutu Girl by Lillypips at (even the website name is fun).

They are made from birch wood and have your chosen name hand stamped on them. You can also chose a red or pink tutu for your decoration (£5).

It does not have to be all about the bauble; if you fancy something really unique then the Personalised Christmas Tree Wall Sticker could fit the bill.

It is 100cm high and could be a nice tree alternative in smaller spaces (£28 –; 01242 681275).

Of course, one of biggest problems is “will Santa know where to deliver my presents?”

You can help him out by providing a personalised hessian sack from (£18.50 – 01935 873186).

Perfect for young and old Santa followers alike.

* Jamie Hempsall SBID, BIID is a multi-award winning interior designer.

* Visit for more information.