Yorkshire aesthetics beauty clinic Time to Bloom founder Dr Lubna Khan-Salim gives her non-surgical cosmetic skincare tips for beautiful skin

Former plastic surgeon Dr Lubna Khan-Salim has the following advice to follow at home to get the glow back into your skin for summer. Stephanie Smith reports.

Dr Lubna Khan-Salim, founder of the Time to Bloom aesthetic beauty clinic in North Yorkshire.

Dr Lubna Khan-Salim, founder of the Time to Bloom aesthetic beauty clinic in North Yorkshire, believes that the beauty industry is overly focused on anti-ageing and should instead be celebrating age.

Before moving into cosmetic aesthetics, Dr Khan-Salim trained and practised in plastic surgery, with specialist posts in the fields of burns, microsurgery, hand surgery, skin cancer and surgical dermatology during her time in the NHS. She is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons. She left her job as a plastic surgeon and opened her clinic near Selby just before the pandemic began.

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Last month, she challenged the anti-age rhetoric of the beauty industry with the launch of her first Beauty Briefing event at the Queens Hotel in Leeds, joined by beauty writer, Alice Hart Davis.

Dr Lubna Khan-Salim is founder of the Time to Bloom aesthetics clinic near Selby.

Dr Khan-Salim says: “The beauty industry for a long time has been focused on being anti-ageing rather than celebrating age. Beauty should be timeless and inclusive, with no one-look fits all approach. Lots of the women I treat want to celebrate their individuality and getting older with confidence.”

She adds: “There are also lots of misconceptions around the aesthetic industry, what it involves, trends and legislation.

Dr Lubna has these five skincare tips to get the glow back in time for the summer:

Exfoliate. Dr Lubna says: “Chemical and physical exfoliation can be incorporated into your spring skincare routine. It’s a good time for a chemical peel to kickstart it. These quickly exfoliate, trigger collagen production, and are a great first step in achieving a youthful complexion.Be careful not to overdo it, overzealous exfoliation can soon lead to a red, irritated complexion. I recommend exfoliating on a weekly basis. I recommend The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

Switch to a lighter moisturiser. As temperatures and humidity increase, we no longer need the heavy occlusive moisturisers of winter that function to prevent trans epidermal water loss from the skin leading to dehydration. Also heavy products can feel sticky and greasy. Lighter moisturisers with humectants, emollients and a gel-based formula will feel a lot more comfortable and absorb faster while still protecting the skin barrier function. I recommend iS Clinical Hydracool Serum

Sunscreen is the most important product in your anti-ageing arsenal, with 90 per cent of ageing due to UV damage, so sunscreen is vital to wear all year round. Increasing the SPF to at least 50+, while assuring the products offer broad-spectrum protection, are key to ensuring adequate sun protection in the spring and summer. I recommend La Roche Posay Gel SPF 50.

Antioxidants. Sun-induced pigmentation can be offset by incorporating antioxidants into your routine. They should be used all year round, but they are particularly important in the spring and summer. When the skin is exposed to UV rays, free radicals (highly reactive molecules) are generated that can damage DNA in our cells and accelerate the breakdown of collagen and elastin. Antioxidants like Vitamin C are stabilisers and decrease the amount of sun damage.I recommend SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic Acid.

Spring clean your make-up bag. Consider springtime your cue to Marie Kondo your beauty products. Check all expiry dates, especially your sunscreen, also active ingredients will become less potent and less effective over time. Clean or replace washcloths, sponges, make-up brushes, and all applicators. These are great breeding grounds for bacteria that can irritate our skin and contribute to breakouts and infections.

Time to Bloom offers treatments including Morpheous 8, Lumecca and Forma, visit timetobloom.uk

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