Where was Bridgerton filmed? locations that appear in the Netflix drama - including Castle Howard in Yorkshire

The drama was shot in the UK and includes Yorkshire castles and a small northern village

Castle Howard in York features in the new Netflix drama (Picture: Castle Howard)
Castle Howard in York features in the new Netflix drama (Picture: Castle Howard)

Bridgerton has become the latest period drama series to sweep the nation, ranking in the top 5 Netflix original series’ of all time.

Having now confirmed a second series, you may be wondering where the first series was filmed and if you can visit the locations to get a feel for regency London.

So, can fans go back in time to the life of Daphne Bridgerton or Simon Basset by visiting the drama’s luxurious filming locations? Here are several locations you can visit.

What is the story line of Bridgerton?

Bridgerton tells the story of the fatherless Bridgerton family, as eldest daughter Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor), attempts to find love while at the mercy of Regency London’s marriage market.

Since her father is absent, Daphne’s oldest sibling, Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) becomes the head of the family and the man with the last say on who his young sister becomes betrothed to.

That is until Anthony’s university chum and bachelor, The Duke of Hastings, Simon Basset, comes up with a plan with Daphne to save her from the pursuit of desperate suitors.

The pair fake their romance and marry in an attempt to escape their inevitable arranged marriages, but things are not that easy.

Lady Whistledown - London’s anonymous columnist, voiced by Julie Andrews - seeks to create havoc as she spreads rumours about relationships and scandal among the upper classes.

The series is based on the Bridgerton books, written by Julia Quinn

Where was Bridgerton filmed?

The series may be based in and around London, but it was shot in various locations around the UK.

Producers, Shondaland productions, used castles and grounds in Yorkshire and London, as well as a private members club previously frequented by Winston Churchill, to create the historic set.

Here are five of the sets in Bridgerton and where they were filmed:

Simon and Daphne’s house

Following the marriage of Daphne and Simon, the couple settle into marriage in fictional Clyvedon Castle, filmed at the exterior of Castle Howard in York.

Scenes based in the grounds are also filmed in Coneysthorpe, a small village in Yorkshire.

The interior was shot at North Mymms Park, Wilton House, also used as Buckingham Palace in The Crown, and Badminton House in Gloucestershire.

The Bridgertons’ House

The series’ main family are housed in a stunning Georgian mansion which is actually Rangers’ House on the outskirts of Greenwich Park in London.

In reality, it is a mansion which houses The Wernher Collection, a world-class art collection accumulated by 19th-century businessman, Sir Julius Wernher.

Unfortunately, the climbing Ivy and opulent gates which welcome viewers into the Bridgertons’ home isn’t a reflection of the real building, but it is grand nonetheless.

The Duke of Hastings’ House

Prior to marrying Daphne, the duke lives with his guardian, Lady Danbury.

The house is actually Wilton House in Salisbury which dates back to 1544 when the house and land was gifted by King Henry VIII to Sir William Herbert. The estate has remained in the family ever since.

It has also featured in other dramas, including Emma, The Crown and Pride and Prejudice.

The Fetheringtons’ House

Despite their undesirable daughters, the Fetherington family play a key role in the story and their daughters’ humorous attempts to find love make them a firm favourite among viewers.

Their slightly less regal home is filmed at various locations, including Hatfield House, Hertfordshire and Number 1 Royal Crescent in Bath.

At Royal Crescent you will find a museum and can enjoy guided walks which take you back in time to 18th century aristocracy.

The countryside manor of Hatfield House includes a huge park lined with trees and covered in forestry, a restaurant and converted stable yard which now houses shops full of crafts, gun makers and dog groomers.

The Gentleman’s Club

While Simon and Anthony drink whisky, gossip and discuss their various partners, they are actually relaxing in the club where Winston Churchill took time out of his ministerial duties.

The gentlemen's club is shot at Pall Mall’s The Reform Club, as well as in Lancaster House - a building owned by the government’s Foreign and Commonwealth office.

Lancaster House is located near real royalty, just a short distance from Buckingham Palace and is “Steeped in political history and magnificently preserved,” according to the UK Government website.

Aside from the stunning buildings used to recreate London, the streets where the cast can be seen riding horses and carts and receiving their gossip from Lady Whistledown’s messenger are largely set in the city of Bath.

Can I visit the Bridgeton set?

Yes, the aforementioned museums and homes can usually be accessed by the public - however they remain closed throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Following the easing of restrictions in England, you could travel to Bath and walk around the streets which can be easily recognised from the film.

While you will need to be a member in order to access The Regent’s Club, the museums and manors are scheduled to reopen to the public in April 2021.

While it may take some time to get round all the locations, the guided tours of number 1 Royal Crescent may include some of these streets used in Bath.

Hatfield House promises more than just history and views,with beekeeping and hot air balloon rides, as well as several independent shops and stunning grounds.