Tech talk: Cleaning is a breeze with Proscenic's nifty new cordless vacuum cleaner

Some people really enjoy cleaning their home. I know of folk who write off whole days each week just to do it so they can proudly gain that huge feeling of satisfaction when everything is spick and span.

The Proscenic P11 is cordless and easy to use. Image: Proscenic
The Proscenic P11 is cordless and easy to use. Image: Proscenic

I get it, but for me cleaning the house is a chore, not something to look forward to and just a task that I want to get over and done with as quickly as possible.

Clearly I am no domestic god and I am one of those who will encourage anything that makes life a little easier when it comes to the joys of dusting, polishing, mopping and hoovering.

Did I mention hoovering? Well here's a great piece of tech that will surely get the cleaning juices flowing - the two-in-one P11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and Mop from Proscenic.

The P11 features a mini-motorised tool that can remove stubborn dust on beds, sofas and pillows. Image: Proscenic

New to our property and replacing an older and much-more basic model, the arrival of the P11 is the vacuum cleaner equivalent of a Mercedes replacing a Ford Fiesta on the driveway.

Looks-wise it is similar to other modern-day devices, but the beauty of this is its versatility, mobility and lightness, with the 'no cord' aspect allowing you to breeze in and out of rooms and knock minutes off your cleaning time.

I am sure most would agree that the constant plugging and unplugging of a cord is a pain in the proverbial, and who hasn't ever annoyingly tripped over the wire when changing direction and clambering up the stairs? With the P11, all that is eradicated.

On top of the unit there's a nifty touch screen display with three different modes - 'auto', 'energy-efficient' and 'max' - which allows you to alter the suction power depending on what surface you are giving the once-over.

The versatile P11 can get into awkward nooks and crannies in the car. Image: Proscenic

The powerful 450w motor - which can reach a rotation speed of 130,000rpm - provides up to 25,000pa of suction, ensuring any dust, crumbs and pet hair can be swept away at ease, and with the ability to also wash hard floors, it's the ideal domestic all-rounder.

The P11 can also be converted into a lightweight handheld device which is not only great for getting in all the nooks and crannies inside the house, but can also be used to reach awkward areas in the car.

Other features include an anti-hair-wrap function in the roller brush, a handy wall-mount for storage and charging (it takes two-and-a-half hours to provide 60 minutes of function time), and a mini-motorised tool that can remove stubborn dust on beds, sofas and pillows.

Its mopping capabilities come via a self-seeping water tank and sponge which can be attached to the main brush, allowing each component to work in unison while keeping the floor both clean and dry.

Also, the detachable battery with its cooling air duct design solves the problem of heat dissipation so the vacuum can work for long periods without overheating.

Reasonably priced at £219 from, the Prosceninc P11 is the ideal long-term investment for the home. For more information visit the Proscenic website.