Alan Bennett blesses Harrogate school friends all-female History Boys

Two Harrogate schoolfriends are to appear on stage together when they present the world's first all-female production of Alan Bennett's The History Boys.

Part of the cast of the new version of The History Boys.

Alice Barber and Clementine Vann-Alexander first met one another at the age of 11, when they were pupils at Harrogate Ladies College.

Their shared love of theatre and performance has led them, ten years later, to form new theatre company Prohibition Theatre.

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The History Boys will be their very first production and has been granted permission by Alan Bennett himself.

Making theatrical history - Clementine Vann-Alexander and Alice Barber.

Alice, who is a student at Durham University, said: “There’s been a lot of debate over a lack of depth in many female roles in the theatre.

"This play is all about boys, so to cast women to play them brings an entirely new dynamic.”

Clementine, who is a student at Bristol University, said: “When I graduate I’m hoping to become an actor and director, and Alice is hoping to go into theatre production. We’re passionate about this production, and we have a fantastically talented cast on board. We cannot thank Alan Bennett enough for his help at the start of our careers.”

The show will be performed on Saturday, June 18 at North Road Methodist Church in Durham.

Making theatrical history - Clementine Vann-Alexander and Alice Barber.

The all-female cast of The History Boys

Crowther: Angharad Davies

Dakin: Abbie Cole

Irwin: Charlie Whitehead

Hector: Poppy Kelham

Timms: Christie Clark

Totty: Francesca Sollohub

Scripps: Lara Janes-Walton

Lockwood: Lucy Booth

Posner: Louisa Quarterman

Akthar: Cassandra Bailey

Rudge: Saroj Spickett

Headmaster: Clementine Vann-Alexander

Director: Clementine Vann-Alexander

Producer: Alice Barber