Amazing Harrogate calendar's bleak Xmas message

Residents of a village near Harrogate have come up with the perfect Christmas present - if you happen to be against new housing developments.

"Where will all the sheep and cows go?" The month of March page in Hampsthwaite Calendar 2018.

Hampsthwaite Action Group 2018 calendar is choc-full of lovely rural images, usually accompanied by messages about the threat posed to their future by plans for housing developments which it says would double the size of the village and, they add, make look like "one big housing estate."

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Using photographs of village locations and events, the 2018 Hampsthwaite Calendar captures the unique features and beauty of this Nidderdale village - with local comments and reflections.Among the captions are: "this allocation has the potential to impact on the setting of the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural beauty" and "where will all the sheep and cows go?"

January 2018's photo is winter flooding on Church Lane, while March's poses the question "where will all the sheep and cows go?"

Potential purchasers of the calendar are advised "enjoy these spectacular scenes - before they are gone forever!"All profits from the calendar, which does also contain positive messages about the Hampsthwaite Feast, will go to HAG's fighting fund against housing.The calendar is on sale at the village's post office and Sophie's coffee shop.It may not be a traditional Christmas present but the group is also offering a "Hands Off Hampsthwaite " car stickera for £1 each.