Amazing video shows owl bathing in Yorkshire Dales pond

An art gallery has captured 'unprecedented' footage of a tawny owl cooling down in a pond on the hottest day of the year.

The video was filmed on one of 40 wildlife surveillance cameras at the Robert Fuller Gallery in Thixendale.

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It shows a tawny owl - which would usually only be active at night - bathing in and drinking from a pond that was only built this year.

Robert, who is a wildlife artist and photographer, called the sight 'unprecedented'.

“I have used surveillance cameras to watch wild animals for my paintings for a number of years now and have a lifetime’s experience of watching owls in the wild but this is the most extraordinary behaviour I have observed from an owl - in fact I think it is unprecedented.

“These birds are nocturnal and rarely come out to bathe like this in daylight. But what is particularly unusual is to see a tawny owl drinking. Most birds of prey get their moisture from their food. This bird is really gulping down the water.”

The pond is believed to be the only water source available in the 'dry valley' where the gallery, which is open to visitors, is located in a remote part of the Dales.

Temperatures reached 26 degrees on the day the owl was seen, and the unusual event was witnessed by a group of people visiting the gallery.