Anger as huge pile of naan bread dumped at Doncaster park where 100 ducks died

A hunt is on to find a person dumping huge piles of leftover naan bread, pizzas and chapatis in a Doncaster park where more than 100 ducks were recently poisoned.

The pile of food dumped in Sandall Park.
The pile of food dumped in Sandall Park.

There have been several reports of piles of leftover takeaway food being dumped at Sandall Park which is still recovering from a virus which recently killed more than 100 ducks at the popular park.

Now park bosses are keen to trace the culprit after another huge pile of food was dumped in the park over the weekend.

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A spokesman for Friends of Sandall Park, the volunteer group which looks after the park, said: "Does anyone know who is dumping these large amounts of chapatis, naan bread and other rubbish?

"If so, please message us with details and we'll get them caught and fined. This is not feeding ducks, this is dumping litter."

"They need to be stopped from this thoughtless act."

Earlier this summer, rotting vegetation within the park's lake was responsible for the deaths of more than 100 birds at the park.

The lake is still currently sealed off after toxic and potentially fatal blue green algae was discovered and people are being urged to stay away from the water - along with animals - while environmental experts clear the dangerous slime.

There have also been reports of people feeding KFC to the ducks in the park in recent weeks.

Park chiefs believe that the waste food is from a takeaway business, due to the amount of naan bread being dumped.

Writing on Facebook, one park visitor, Laura Wraith wrote: "Surely got to be a takeaway with vast amount they keep leaving at various locations.

"Fingers crossed you capture them."

Mark Dunwell said: "We had the same problem near us. In the middle of the night someone from the local takeaway was coming down to a lake near me and dumping loads of rice and bread."

Tess Jung said: "I saw a couple get out of a Toyota this afternoon at the lakeside near where the ducks are with two bags full of naan breads and chatapis. I noticed it due to the amount of bread they had."

Park visitors are being urged not to feed bread to the ducks as it is bad for them and to stick to products such as corn, duck pellets, lettuce, defrosted peas, oats and seeds.