Archers help tame moorland ponies

Four wild ponies used to roaming moorland are being trained to work with humans thanks to The Archers.

The Dartmoor Hill Ponies arrived at an animal rescue centre in Nottinghamshire last week having lived a solitary existence on the Devon moors.

George, Merry, Monty and a fourth yet to be named had matted hair, swollen stomachs and were frightened of humans.

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Now they have become used to human voices thanks a radio tuned into Radio 4 which lets them listen to the goings on in Ambridge.

As well as listening to the exploits of Brian and Jennifer Aldridge, and hearing the gossip from The Bull, the ponies are also fans of the Afternoon Play on Radio 4.

The ponies were among 42 found wild on Dartmoor. Had they not been rescued, they would have been shot and used for pet food.