Beers of Yorkshire: The 8 popular beers which hail from the region

Beer is one of the nation's favourite tipples and is enjoyed by many around the UK. From real ale, to pale ale to the old classics, beer can be enjoyed in the sun, when out for a meal, or just in the comfort of your own home.

Black Sheep Brewery was founded by Paul Theakston in 1992 in Masham, North Yorkshire
Black Sheep Brewery was founded by Paul Theakston in 1992 in Masham, North Yorkshire

There are a wide variety of different flavours, types and brands of beer and with Yorkshire being home to numerous long-standing and popular breweries, many of the UK’s popular beers hail from Yorkshire.

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Magic Rock Rapture, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Many of the UKs popular beers hail from Yorkshire

Brewed in Huddersfield and with a strength of 4.6%, Magic Rock Rapture is of exceptional quality and in this beer the six hop varieties have been joined by five different types of malt, which gives it a mixture of soft, grainy flavours.

1872 Porter, Elland Brewery, Elland, West Yorkshire

With a strength of 6.55 and a recipes that dates back to 1872, at its name suggests, this dark Porter style beer is brewed in Elland Brewery, West Yorkshire. It is rich and smokey with aromas of vintage port, charcoal and coffee, and includes flavours of dark chocolate, burnt caramel, and bitter, but rich espresso coffee.

Timothy Taylors Landlord is a well-known and highly sought-after pint, brewed in its Keighley brewery

This beer was also voted ‘Champion Winter Beer of Britain 2010’ by CAMRA, suggesting its compatibility with the winter season.

Theakston, Theakston Brewery, North Yorkshire

T&R Theakston Ltd is one of the oldest family breweries in Yorkshire and home of the hugely popular Old Peculier Ale.

They brew and sell permanent cask and brewery conditioned beer including Theakston IPA, Theakston Pale Ale and Black Bull Bitter, amongst numerous others.

You can also visit this historical brewery in the scenic Yorkshire Dales town of Masham and experience first-hand the craft and skill that goes into the beers that they brew, which is built on nearly two centuries of tradition and family recipes. passed down through five generations.

Black Sheep Brewery, North Yorkshire

Black Sheep Brewery was founded by Paul Theakston in 1992 in Masham, North Yorkshire, and produces much loved cask, keg and bottled beers, constantly creating new and experimental brews.

They brew beers such as Ram Tackle, Baa Baa and the popular Riggwelter, which is a traditional strong, dark-hued brew, with espresso, liquorice and a hint of ripe banana.

Triple Chocoholic 4.8% (Stout), Saltaire Brewery, Saltaire

This rich Stout is brewed with Chocolate Malts, real chocolate pieces and chocolate syrup, so for those who love both beer and chocolate, this is the ultimate dream.

With hints of coffee and smoke balancing against a body of super smooth chocolate, this beer is luxurious and the perfect mixture of sweet and savoury.

It’s brewed in Saltaire Brewery, West Yorkshire, which also brews Kardinal, Odyssey and Rye Pale Ale, amongst many more.

Yorkshire Gold, Leeds Brewery, West Yorkshire

Yorkshire Gold is a golden, fruity ale and its the famous grapefruit hop Chinook which gives this beer a great citrus flavour with a satisfying, long lasting finish.

Leeds Brewery have a weekly capacity of 140,000 pints and produce four permanent cask beers; Leeds Pale, Yorkshire Gold, Leeds Best and Midnight Bell, amongst other beers.

Northern Monk Eternal, Northern Monk Brewery, West Yorkshire

Northern Monk is committed to creating the highest quality beers, combining traditional monastic brewing skills with a progressive approach to ingredients and techniques.

Their Eternal beer is a modern IPA, which is light, has a citrus notes and a long finish.

Timothy Taylor’s Landlord, Timothy Taylor Brewery, West Yorkshire

Timothy Taylor’s Landlord is a well-known and highly sought-after pint, brewed in its Keighley brewery.

This is a pale ale with a slightly sweet, malty base and is brewed with three hops – Styrian Goldings, Goldings and Fuggles.

These hops give the beer a more flowery, summer berry tone but is also contrasted with different levels of bitterness.