The best photos from Whitby Goth Weekend Halloween 2018

Whitby was home to all manner of quirky costumes as visitors enjoyed the town's Halloween Goth Weekend.

Goths walk past tombstones

Thousands of goths enjoyed live music and social events at the twice-yearly festival, which takes place in spring and autumn.

Press Association photographer Danny Lawson captured some of the looks on show this Halloween.

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A woman poses for the camera with Whitby Abbey in the background
Goths and steampunks show off their outfits
A creepy character on the streets of Whitby
Goths parade around Whitby
Goths in the graveyard at Whitby Abbey
Visitors in costume are a common sight during Goth Weekend
Goths at Whitby Abbey
Goths pose beside the harbour
It was the final Goth Weekend of 2018