Boy, three, mauled by Rottweiler as he buys ice lolly outside his house

A THREE-year-old boy was mauled by a Rottweiler as he bought an ice lolly with his mother from an ice cream van parked just yards from his home in West Yorkshire.

Kaden Shaw-Britton was leapt on by the animal, which grabbed his arm while his frantic mother and a young girl passer-by tried to beat it back.

The boy was left with a broken arm.

Kaden's mother Claire Shaw of Newsome near Huddersfield is now demanding the dog be put down.

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She said: "I took my three children to the ice cream van and a young girl was with the dog metres away from us. As we made our way back to the house, I made sure my children were away from the dog, but as we walked by it just leapt on Kaden and latched onto his arm.

"I grabbed hold of Kaden's arm and pushed the dog away, the girl pulled the dog back and luckily he let go. Kaden was screaming and crying, I quickly scooped him up and got him away from the dog."

Mr Shaw, 29, is angered that police have not confiscated the dog. She said neighbours were now so scared of the animal that they refused to let their children play out on the street.

She said: "I'm very mad about it, I wouldn't like to think what would have happened if I hadn't have been there. There are no children playing out on the street now, everyone is scared of that dog.

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Kaden was rushed to hospital after the incident. He is now recovering at home with his arm in plaster.

The dog, named by neighbours as Tyson, lives a few doors from Kaden's family, with a sign on the house reading: "Forget the dog, beware of the kids." A 2ft-long bone could be seen outside the gate

Neighbour Matthew Oldfield, 31, said :"I have a five-year-old and a seven-year-old and I won't let them out to play. All the other parents on the road are the same with their children, not when that dog is still there."

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said: "It is in the hand of the Crown Prosecution Service. Unfortunately we can't just go in and remove the dog we've got to apply for the permission and a court order under Section 3 of the Dangerous Dogs Act."