Break from grim legacy of Chernobyl

A GROUP of 12 children from Belarus, who have been affected by the fallout from 
the Chernobyl disaster, are visiting 

The youngsters, including teenager Victoryia, working on a totem pole model made out 
of plaster-of-paris, were earlier given 
the chance to explore the 500-acre 
grounds of Yorkshire Sculpture Park, in Bretton Hall, Wakefield, yesterday. Their 
tour of the park was guided by artist Sally Storr.

The children are staying in Leeds as part of the Chernobyl Children’s Project, which offers month-long recuperative holidays to 250 Belarusian youngsters affected by the 1986 nuclear disaster every year. The breaks are intended to boost the childrens’ immune systems as many are in remission from cancer or leukaemia. picture: James Hardist