Cat rescue centre overstretched

A rescue charity has been forced to put a temporary block on taking in cats and kittens as its numbers swell.

Compared with the 613 cats it took in last year, Yorkshire Cat Rescue has already welcomed 450 in the first half of this year and is warning that those at immediate risk of being put to sleep if refuge cannot be found has reached critical levels.

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The Haworth-based charity has almost 300 animals on its waiting list.

Founder Sara Atkinson said: “We are now receiving calls from owners and vets on a daily basis asking us to make room for a cat or kitten that will otherwise be put to sleep. At the same time, pregnant cats and orphan kittens land on our doorstep every week and we are desperately trying to make room for them all.”

The charity is urging anyone thinking of giving up their cat to reconsider.