CCTV: Drunks tumbling down escalators make Leeds most accident-prone station

SLIPS and trips by boozy passengers have landed Leeds City Station with an unwanted record as one of the rail network’s accident hotspots.

Leeds City Station.

Network Rail has revealed there were 179 incidents where members of the public came a cropper at the station in the 12 months to the end of March this year.

That figure is the highest for any station managed by Network Rail, with London Paddington (177) and London Liverpool Street (135) in second and third place, respectively.

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Rail chiefs say alcohol was a contributory factor in many of the incidents, which saw people falling down steps, over luggage and even off platforms between trains.

Leeds City Station.

A safety campaign has now been launched urging passengers to take more care when making their way home after nights out.

Posters are being put up in Leeds and other stations nationwide that use an optical illusion effect to give the impression that the wine and beer glasses pictured on them are moving.

A video has also been released which includes CCTV footage of three incidents – one of them in Leeds – where people ended up taking a painful tumble.

Phil Verser, route managing director for Network Rail, said: “We work continually to make it safe and easy for people to use Leeds station.

“With more than 100,000 people coming through the doors each weekday, concourses and escalators are busy.

“We want people to come to Leeds to enjoy themselves but all too often the station team is called to an accident where it appears alcohol has been a factor.

“I hope these posters will remind people of the need to take care on the station to make sure they get home safely.”

Injuries suffered by people in falls at Leeds station include cuts and grazes, fractures and multiple bruises.

British Transport Police’s Chief Insp Lorna McEwan said: “Encouraging passengers to be more aware of their surroundings, particularly when they have had a drink, and to be alert to the inherent dangers that exist in stations will, we hope, reduce avoidable slips and falls across the network.”

A man died in March this year after falling down stairs at Leeds station. Network Rail says the circumstances of the incident will be determined at the man’s inquest.