Clipper acts to cut driver shortages

Steve Parkin.
Steve Parkin.
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CLIPPER LOGISTICS, ​which​ distributes goods for retailers such as John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Asda and Morrisons,​ has launched ​a new training initiative to train its warehouse employees as drivers, allowing them to further their careers and progress within the business.

Leeds-based Clipper said the initiative is part of its commitment to remedy the UK’s qualified driver shortage and will help inspire employees to develop their skills and achieve their ambitions.

Clipper said its new​ initiative, ​which is called ​Revolve, stands not only to benefit Clipper and ​its​ employees, but also the wider industry, helping to attract a larger number of skilled workers into the trade.

Warehouse operatives are being given the chance to participate in a 12-month training programme, which will see them gain their class 2 driving licence, meaning they can drive Clipper’s HGVs.

The Revolve initiative was launched at the Swadlincote site, but will be rolled out to Clipper employees nationwide this year. The syllabus includes modules on ​driving, ​maintenance, health & safety​ and​ customer service, ​so that graduates of the scheme will have the well-rounded skills to represent Clipper and ​its​ clients.

In addition, Clipper will be working with Driver First Assist (DFA) on the initiative, a scheme which aims to promote first-aid training to drivers, so that in the event of an accident they can provide immediate assistance ​before the emergency services arriv​e​.

Mick Doe, Clipper’s ​transport ​o​perations ​d​irector​,​ said: “This is the latest initiative from Clipper that shows our commitment to training and improving the skillset of our people. ​​Revolve has seen fantastic demand, and we’re proud to be launching a training programme that can have such positive effects.

​“​We’re always looking at the next step, and we’re already in the process of looking at offering Class 1 driver training as an option in the future. Alongside our driver simulators, which were launched last year, Clipper has proven itself to be at the forefront of professional HGV operation.”

Matthew Yates, ​d​irector of Driver First Assist,​ added: “Clipper has demonstrated exceptional forward-thinking with their Revolve initiative, and we’re proud to be working with them on an important element of training. Our aim is helping to provide a first response and crucial first aid assistance on the UK’s roads, ahead of attendance by the emergency services.

​“​Those first few minutes after an incident are vital, so to be able to offer training to Clipper’s Revolve participants, is a great association for us to have and a definite step in the right direction.”