Concerns raised over school tables change

A LEADING exam board has raised concerns at the prospect of international GCSEs being ditched from school league tables saying they would be “very disappointed” if such a move went ahead.

It is understood that under plans being drawn up by ministers, only reformed GCSEs in maths and English would count in performance rankings from 2017.

In a statement posted on its website, Cambridge International Exams (CIE) – a leading provider of international GCSEs - often known as IGCSE – said that their qualifications are valued by teachers and students across the country.

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Under the Government’s major shake-up of the exams system, new reformed GCSEs in maths and English, which feature little to no coursework and exams at the end of the course, are to be introduced into England’s schools in September next year, with the first exams taken in the summer of 2017.

It is understood that only these exams will count in league tables from 2017, a move that effectively means that international GCSEs – often known as IGCSEs – will not be accepted qualifications.

The move also means that other qualifications, such as existing GCSEs currently being taken by teenagers, will be dropped from the rankings.

The change is likely to affect schools who are offering, and were planning to continue offering IGCSEs in key subjects.

It is thought the decision has been taken as IGCSEs generally do not share the same construction as the Government’s reformed exams, in terms of areas such as end of course exams and coursework.

But it does leave the door open for IGCSEs to be reintroduced to league tables at a later date, if changes are made.