Controversial fun fair leaves Starbeck early

Everyone loves a fun fair, though the weekend's one in Starbeck did stir up some controversy in the days leading up to it.

Ruts left by lorries at Starbeck's Belmont Field after the fair. (Picture by Stuart Rhodes)

As it turns out, because of the wet weather, the fair ended up being a bit of a washout.The big lorries and fairground rides pulled out of Belmont Field on Saturday lunchtime early, having given up on the idea of the Saturday night entirely.Up to then, the three-day fair had passed without incident and families seemed to be having a good time on the attractions - as you might expect.But the necessity of dragging the rides and equipment on and off the public field next to St Andrew's Church on Starbeck's main street in a residential area does meas the fair has left large patches of muddy tracks with ruts which have damaged the grass.Harrogate Borough Council has reportedly already been today to inspect the site.Part of the problem in the build-up to the fair was lack of communication rather than anything else.The organisers of the fair were keen to be 'good neighbours' from the start.Litter and waste was cleared quickly and they had even offered a donation to Starbeck Gala.St Andrew's vicar got involved to soothe tempers after complaints from members of Starbeck Residents Association before the fair even arrived.The Rev Phil Carman said: "I spoke with Harrogate Borough Council and Rapture Events who are putting on the Fun Fair. "Rapture Events would like to give a donation to the community and would like to work with the community in the future so that Starbeck can have a gala in the coming years. "The old Starbeck Gala is now disbanded so I am looking into the possibility of having any donation going into the Starbeck Community Fund. "It is unfortunate that communication has not been better but let’s hope that the different groups can work together to see something positive in the community." But the event's very name - Starbeck Gala Fun Fair - had annoyed some people.Terry Edmondson of the actual Starbeck Gala Committee said the weekend's fair had nothing to do with what they were doing.What's more, there were serious efforts going on to bring the real Starbeck Gala back next year.Terry said: "The Starbeck Gala lights committee have not disbanded, far from it, in fact."There are still a few of use trying to reform but need a treasurer and a secretary to carry on."Myself and Brian Busby are trying to reform one but as yet struggling to find some one to do the roles."We are going to arrange a meeting this month for people to get involved."Anyone interested should contact Terry on 07576927439.

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Damaged grass today at Starbeck's Belmont Field. (Picture by Stuart Rhodes)
Damaged grass today at Starbeck's Belmont Field. (Picture by Stuart Rhodes)