Councillor blasts failingauthority over cash plea

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members’ board were present at the partnership meeting so although they supported a grant of 185,000 there were not enough present to legally approve the money.

That prompted an email to other board members from YoHr Space Director Chris Taylor to ask them if they supported the bid as well – sparking Coun Percival’s passionate response.

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Last night Coun Percival said he was speaking in a personal capacity, but said looking after public money was “very, very important”.

“We’re very progressive at Selby District Council and we’re self-reliant. What really grinds on me is I’m not getting any indications whatsoever Doncaster is getting any smarter,” he said.

“If there were, that’s good, but they have a reputation, unfortunately, of a council that’s not attracting the best officers and consequently giving it the best service to its rate payers.”

It is understood several other councillors have responded to Mr Taylor’s email supporting the Doncaster bid, and he is understood to be the only one to oppose it at the moment.

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Doncaster Council did not respond when contacted but speaking last week Mr Vincent, the former chief executive of Kirklees Council who has been appointed by the Government to run the authority until December 2011, said a “great deal of progress” had been made in some areas, mainly those which will be affected by the expected cuts to be introduced in next month’s Government spending review.

But he also admitted there was “much work to do” in others, particularly in those where new relationships had to be built between senior council members and officers.