Dog found with horrific 'fight wounds' after being dumped in Yorkshire

A dog was found with 'fight wounds' after being dumped near a storage facility in Yorkshire this weekend.

Sam had injuries all over his body
Sam had injuries all over his body

The lurcher-type dog - who has been named Sam by the RSPCA - was spotted wandering around outside Karglen storage facility in Doncaster Road, Doncaster the morning of September 19.

He was found with fight wounds all over his legs - which are thought to have been caused by being forced to fight or by badger baiting.

Inspector Thomas Hutton was sent to the scene where he found Sam with horrific injuries, including a mixture of fresh and old wounds all over his body, a large wound on his leg and his testicles had been ripped.

The wounds are thought to have been caused by being forced to fight or by badger baiting

Inspector Hutton took Sam to a nearby vet for emergency care, and he is now being looked after by the RSPCA. The dog, who is thought to be around four years old, will remain with RSPCA until he is rehomed.

Inspector Hutton said: "Sam was in quite a state with wounds all over his face and body and he had a large open wound on his leg and testicles were ripped.

“The injuries are consistent with him being used as a fight dog or in badger baiting and it seems whoever had him decided to throw him away like rubbish, leaving him untreated and in pain.

“Thankfully he is doing well in our case and is such a friendly boy. He is lovely and seems grateful to get love and attention from staff at the centre. I suspect his nice temperament is the reason the owner decided to discard him.

“It appears he was dumped overnight and he was spotted in the morning outside the compound,

“I am keen to trace the person responsible for this and would like to hear from anyone who has information as to who owned this dog or if they saw anything suspicious in the area around the time he was found.”

Sam was not microchipped and the RSPCA are now trying to track down his owner.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the RSPCA appeals line on 0300 123 8018.