Fly-tipper caught trying to dump sofa TWICE on the same day

A man could face prosecution after twice being caught trying to fly-tip furniture in Horbury town centre.

PCSOs were called to reports of the man trying to dump an old mattress and a sofa on Westfield Road on Tuesday, May 25.

When they arrived the culprit had gone, but after checking CCTV in the area and details from a passer by, they were able to identify him.

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He was ordered to remove the unwanted furniture or face a fine, which he agreed to.

Westfield Road, Horbury.

However, the officers were later recalled to the area that evening as the man had decided to move the furniture to another area - less than 100 yards away - rather than dispose of it correctly.

He has now been reported to Wakefield Council who the police say will now decide on the best course of action.

He could face court action and a fine of up to £50,000 if found guilty.