Goats 'destined for illegal slaughter' rescued by police in South Yorkshire

Goats that were "destined for illegal slaughter" and kept in dangerous conditions, have been rescued by police in South Yorkshire.

The goats have been seized by police.

A total of 12 goats were removed from an allotment in the Darnall area this week, by police and seized under the Animal Welfare Act.

They have now been handed over to the RSPCA following concerns about the dangerous conditions they were being kept in.

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Sergeant Peter Heginbotham, of South Yorkshire Police, said: "The RSPCA contacted us to report a number of issues with a whole range of animals being kept in varying conditions at a site in the Darnall area. Since then, we’ve been working closely with them, the local authority and the animal’s owners to ensure their safety.

"Whilst a number of animals including guinea pigs, dogs and a pony were disclaimed and passed over to the RSPCA with no issues, the goats had to be seized by our team.

"Reports had been received that these lovely animals were being kept in dangerous conditions, being fed incorrect food and were likely to be destined for illegal slaughter.

“Now they have been moved to a place of safety and are being cared for how they should be. We were happy to support the RSPCA who are now taking over the investigation and will explore if any offences have been committed."