Hit-and-run racers jailed over death of Major's son on Leeds Stanningley bypass

TWO hit-and-run drivers who caused the death of a man by their 'madcap' racing on a busy main road in Leeds have each been jailed for eight years.

The family of James Gilbey - father Major Richard Gilbey, mother Angela and uncle Clive Gilbey outside Leeds Crown Court. Picture: Bruce Rollinson

Majid Malik and Kaiz Mahmood were handed the lengthy sentences today over the death of 25-year-old James Gilbey.

Mr Gilbey died at the scene of the collision of Stanningley Road on July 13 last year after suffering catastrophic injuries as the pair raced their high-powered cars.

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Both men briefly stopped their cars but sped away after seeing Mr Gilbey’s body.

James Gilbey.

Mr Gilbey’s father, Major Richard Gilbey, wept in court as he read victim personal statements to the court on behalf of himself, his wife Angela and daughter Victoria.

Mrs Gilbey’s statement read: “My son was not killed as a result of dangerous driving, he was murdered.

“Anybody choosing to drive a car at that speed in a built up area must accept that they may kill somebody, no less so than firing a gun of plunging a knife into a body.”

Leeds Crown Court heard Malik’s VW Golf had reached speeds of up to 79mph before his vehicle struck Mr Gilbey.

Kaiz Mahmood (left) and Majid Malik

He pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving.

Mahmood’s Audi A5 was spattered with Gilbey’s blood as he was so close to Malik’s vehicle as they “jostled for position”.

He denied causing death by dangerous driving but was found guilty after a trial.

After the case, Det Supt Nick Wallen, of West Yorkshire Police Homicide and Major Enquiry Team, said: “Malik and Mahmood used the public highway as a racetrack and drove their vehicles at nearly twice the speed limit with complete disregard for the safety of other people.

Major Richard Gilbey, James' mother Angela and uncle Clive leave Leeds Crown Court

“Their appallingly selfish actions caused the death of James Gilbey, who was a decent young man who had his whole life ahead of him. His family have been left completely devastated at losing him in such sudden a senseless circumstances.

“I attended the scene on the night of James’ death and saw first-hand the horrific aftermath caused by these men’s actions. They however fled the scene and had to be tracked down.

“This case has not only seen Malik, as the driver involved in the collision, convicted of causing death by dangerous driving but also Mahmood, who was racing with him. He has been found to be equally culpable for causing James’ death. We hope this will serve as a stark reminder to others that we will always do everything we can to ensure those involved in causing deaths on the roads face the full consequences.”

James Gilbey.
Kaiz Mahmood (left) and Majid Malik
Major Richard Gilbey, James' mother Angela and uncle Clive leave Leeds Crown Court