Paedophile became teacher at Yorkshire school to 'gain access to children'

A paedophile from Yorkshire who became a teacher to “gain access to children” has been banned from the profession.
Simon Beckerson was caught with indecent images in October 2020Simon Beckerson was caught with indecent images in October 2020
Simon Beckerson was caught with indecent images in October 2020

Simon Beckerson, 47, was arrested and suspended after someone found a bag containing his school ID and indecent images in October 2020.

He was jailed for two years and eight months at Leeds Crown Court in August 2021, after pleading guilty to eight sexual offences.

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A Teacher Regulation Agency misconduct panel ruled that Beckerson, from Holmfirth, should be banned from teaching indefinitely.

It found he had been viewing indecent images since 2004 – three years before he became a teacher – and he poses an “ongoing risk” to children.

The name of the school where he was working has not been made public for legal reasons.

“There would be a risk of repetition should Mr Beckerson be allowed to return to teaching, and this would unacceptably compromise the safety of children,” the panel stated.

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“In the light of the panel’s findings against Mr Beckerson which involved convictions relating to possessing and making indecent photographs of children, and possessing other prohibited images of children and extreme pornography, there was a strong public interest consideration in respect of the safeguarding and wellbeing of pupils.

“This was particularly relevant noting that Mr Beckerson had admitted entering the profession in order to have access to children,

“Similarly, the panel considered that public confidence in the profession could be seriously weakened if conduct such as that found against Mr Beckerson was not treated with the utmost seriousness when regulating the conduct of the profession.

“The convictions relate to serious offences which the public would regard as incompatible with being a teacher.”