Police break up party of 50 teenagers on golf course in Yorkshire - but describe it as a 'pleasant experience'

Police officers had to break up a party of 50 teenagers who had gathered on a golf course in South Yorkshire.

Stockbridge Golf Course
Stockbridge Golf Course

However, members of South Yorkshire Police's Sheffield North West Neighbourhood Policing Team described the events as the 'best job of the night' and a 'pleasant experience'.

The teens were celebrating their final day of school on Friday afternoon (May 28) and had made their way onto a golf course in Stocksbridge to celebrate.

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The officers put out a fire and cleaned up litter that had been left behind alongside the teenagers, who they said were "some of the most polite young people we have had the pleasure to meet."

A post on the team's Facebook page said: "Just got back from the best job of the night. Despite trudging 1/2 a mile across Stocksbridge golf course and through heather, then acting like a sheep dog - herding 50 young lads and lasses, extinguishing a fire, and collecting beer bottles/cans, it was actually a pleasant experience.

"Alcohol aside, these 16-year olds were genuinely some of the most polite young people we have had the pleasure to meet. They've finished school today, and we wish each one that we spoke to the very best luck in the next step of their lives."