Transit van driver fined £1,000 for flicking the Vs at speed camera in Yorkshire - then lying about where he lived

South Yorkshire Police have tracked down a Ford Transit driver who made ‘disrespectful hand gestures’ at a speed camera – and fined him £1,000.

Cameras can be used to prosecute for driving offences other than speeding, and last May a safety van was parked up on the A6102 Langsett Road South in Oughtibridge when the van drove past.

The vehicle did not have a front registration plate and both the driver and passenger flicked the Vs at the camera van.

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When police traced the Transit to the registered address of the owner, they turned up at the house to find it parked in the driveway – but the driver denied that he lived there.

Both the men inside the van flicked the Vs at the cameraBoth the men inside the van flicked the Vs at the camera
Both the men inside the van flicked the Vs at the camera

However he was given a £1,014 fine and six points on his licence.

Head of safety cameras and ticket processing Scott Dernie said: “The Safety Camera Partnership works very closely with roads policing officers and will take action against those whose driving standards fall below what is expected of a competent driver.

“This is one example of how we can utilise video evidence and imagery captured to bring those who pose a risk to innocent road users before the courts.

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“In this case, the driver believed he could evade police action, but he was wrong.

“In court, he insisted that he didn’t reside at the address in which the papers were served, even though the offending van was parked on the driveway when an officer hand delivered the notices of intended prosecution.

“I am pleased these excuses were not accepted and points and a fine were given.”