Van used by fly tippers in West Yorkshire crushed by Bradford council

This video shows what can happen to your vehicle if you use it for fly tipping waste.

A screenshot of the video showing the van being crushed.
A screenshot of the video showing the van being crushed.

Bradford Council has released the video of the van being ripped apart and crushed in an effort to deter people from illegally dumping waste.

Earlier this year the council received reports of a number of fly tipping incidents in the Great Horton area.

Fed up residents had contacted the council’s environmental enforcement team, who began investigating. They found that a number of the incidents were linked to a single van.

The vehicle was seized after being found parked on Halton Place in March.

The owners were given 15 days to come forward to claim the vehicle, but nobody has so far come forward to claim the van.

The vehicle was judged to be in too poor a state to re-used, and so was crushed.

One councillor admitted crushing a vehicle was an “extreme action” to take, but said it was important to send a message out to fly tippers who commit “environmental crimes.”

The council has also urged residents to keep them informed if they see any vehicles used to fly tip waste in their area.

Using powers which came into force in 2015, councils can seize vehicles if there is evidence that it has been used for fly-tipping and there is a suspicion that it may be used again.

A council spokesman said: “Enquiries are ongoing to speak to all liable parties in connection with the fly-tipping, but so far, no response has been received in relation to this case.

“After an examination the seized vehicle was seen to be worthless and un-roadworthy – as is often the case – so it has been crushed and later recycled.”

Councillor Sarah Ferriby, executive for healthy people and places, said: “We are continuing the fight against fly-tipping which is blighting our neighbourhoods. Seizing and crushing vehicles involved in fly-tipping is one way of preventing it from happening again.

“Taking this extreme action proves that we are committed to do as much as we can to get these rogue operators off the road. But we do need help from residents.

“Anyone using people to get rid of waste should check the carrier’s documents. Otherwise you could end up with a fine if the waste ends up getting fly-tipped.

“We all have to take responsibility to fight the menace of illegal fly-tipping and to make sure that rogue traders do not leave us vulnerable to prosecution by dumping our waste.”

The vehicle is the latest in a series of vans used by fly tippers that have been seized and crushed.

In March, a van that was used in at least 15 fly tipping incidents in the Bradford West area was seized after it was found parked on double yellow lines on Duckworth Lane.

And in October ,a van used for at least 10 fly tipping crimes in the Low Moor and Manningham areas was crushed.

The council spokesman added: “Householders have a legal duty of care to ensure that their waste carrier is registered and legitimate waste carriers will be happy to produce the relevant documents.

“Customers can also check the Environment Agency website to see the register of licensed waste carriers. For more information, or if you witness fly-tipping taking place and have information, visit or telephone 01274 431000.”