Wakefield police hit back over jibes about fines being 'spent on donuts'

Police in the district have hit back over persistent jibes about officers not chasing 'real criminals' or spending speeding fines on Christmas parties and donuts.

Officers hit back over criticism

The reaction came after the neighbourhood officers had posted an update on Facebook about fining HGV drivers for breaching a weight restriction on a road in Ferrybridge.

Like many posts, it attracted negative comments about the police and the work they do.

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In reaction, a statement was then written from the police as a counter response.

It reads: "The authors of this page are from your local neighbourhood patrol teams whose primary function is community issues, neighbour disputes, ASB (anti-social behaviour), high-vis patrols / reassurance and hate crimes.

"I can confirm that the police officers do not get any money from tickets issued and it does not go towards their Christmas party or the purchasing of donuts.

"The same officers who undertook the HGV restrictions also investigate 'real crime' and deal with 'real criminals'."

They then suggest that those people who persistently criticise their work should go along to the regular Police and Community Together (PACT) meetings, held every six weeks.

The statement continued: "During these meetings in Ferrybridge, for instance, the main concerns raised are HGVs contravening the weight restriction, parking issues around the schools, issue’s with youths in the subway under the old A1 and speeders.

"Due to these concerns officers target these specific areas whilst going about their daily business. Everybody is more than welcome to attend a PACT meeting, voice your concerns and we will then try our best to tackle it."