York 2-in-1 burglary: Teen arrested after performance car stolen and driver reached 100mph

A teenager has been arrested after a performance car was stolen and the driver reached speeds over 100mph.

A teenager was pursued by police in a car chase following a burglary in York.

A house in York was broken into which would turn out to be a 2-in-1 burglary – when thieves break into a house so they can steal car keys.

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Keys to a high-performance Mercedes, along with the car, were stolen alongside cash and jewellery.

The driver reached speeds "well over" 100mph.The driver reached speeds "well over" 100mph.
The driver reached speeds "well over" 100mph.

North Yorkshire Police tracked down the high-performance Mercedes that was stolen soon after 4 am on Tuesday (Mar 26).

The driver failed to stop when signalled by police, so they were pursued.

The driver would then reach speeds “well over” 100mph, police reported.

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Police deployed a “stinger” to puncture the tyres of the car, near Knaresborough, with support from the NPAS police helicopter.

Following this the car crashed on a roundabout.

Police detained and arrested an 18-year-old, from Hull,

He was taken into custody.