Yorkshire Police officer faces misconduct hearing over alleged failure to pay for Jaffa Cakes at station canteen

A police officer is facing a misconduct hearing over the alleged failure to properly pay for some Jaffa Cakes at Halifax police station

Jaffa cakes

PC 3431 Chris Dwyer will attend at a misconduct hearing for allegedly breaching the Standards of Professional Behaviour in relation to honesty and integrity and discreditable Conduct.

The details of the breach was published on West Yorkshire Police's website.

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It states: "At around 22:00 hours on 21st January, an officer attended the canteen at Halifax Police Station and emptied the charity tuck shop cash tin.

"She left 6 x 10p coins and 2 x 20p coins as a float.

"It is alleged that around 22:30 hours, PC Dwyer attended the canteen, approached the charity tuck shop, removed two packets of Jaffa cakes which were priced at 50p each, without leaving the sufficient funds to pay for them.

"The cash tin was checked and it was found to contain the same denominations of coins in the cash tin but with an extra 2 x 5p coins. It is alleged that PC Dwyer failed to make appropriate payment for the items and provided dishonest accounts when questioned about the matter."

The misconduct hearin is take place from October 11 to 14.