Dewsbury father angry after five-year-old swallows ball bearing at school

An angry father has lashed at out a Dewsbury primary school after his five-year-old swallowed a metal ball bearing given to him during playtime.

Asif Almas with his son Adam, five.
Asif Almas with his son Adam, five.

Asif Almas, who’s son Adam ingested a steel ball the size of a grape when he took it out of a play set, has criticised the safeguarding of children at St Paulinus Catholic Primary.

The youngster was taken to Dewsbury Hospital and x-rayed after the incident.

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Asif said: “I’m very disappointed. To get a call like that isn’t good enough. The teachers can’t have been watching him properly. It wouldn’t have happened at home.

CCTV images reveal the position of the ball bearing.

“I spoke to the headteacher who was very cool in dealing with this issue and seems to want to cover it up.

“Adam still hasn’t passed the ball bearing naturally and we are awaiting further medical consultation to see what will happen.

“I don’t wish to see this happen to another child.”

A spokesperson for the school said: “We have very high standards of safeguarding and all the correct procedures have been followed in relation to this incident. We take the health and safety of the children in our care seriously, and instances such as this are very rare.

"We understand that the parents have concerns about the incident and we have been in close contact with them since it took place.

“As part of the curriculum, children are regularly given the opportunity to take part in independent play, where they choose an age-appropriate educational toy.

“In this instance, the child chose a science toy which included some ball bearings and magnets. We speak with the children regularly about how to use classroom equipment in the right way and about not putting things in their mouths.

“Unfortunately, one of our pupils took a ball bearing from this magnets set and managed to swallow it.

“All the right steps were taken to check the child’s physical health. He was seen by two trained first-aiders and parents were contacted immediately.

“Fortunately, the child was not in distress, he could breathe normally and was talking in full sentences. He was monitored until the arrival of his father and did not describe any pain at any point.

“The school advised the family to seek medical advice in order to maintain his good health.

“We can confirm there have been no previous incidents of this nature in school.

“The matter has been taken very seriously as health and safety is of paramount importance to us. We have worked closely with the family to keep them fully up to date at all times.”