Disturbing video shows man fighting invisible attacker after taking Spice

Disturbing footage shows a man trying to run away from an invisible attacker while lying on the ground - after allegedly taking just one drag of the potentially-lethal drug SPICE.


This harrowing video clip captured in Nottingham shows the devastating effects of the synthetic cannabis substitute.

A passer-by captures the man lying on his side at the bottom of concrete steps in the city centre kicking his legs and flailing his arm in the air.

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An onlooker is heard saying: “He’s only had one drag and look at him.”


The footage was filmed at last week and was released by Nottingham City Council.

Paramedics are called up to five times a day to people using so-called ‘zombie’ drugs Spice or Black Mamba.

Last month a 37-year-old man died after taking Black Mamba.

Councillor Toby Neal, portfolio holder for community and customer service at


Nottingham City Council, said: “It’s a concern in terms of the health impacts for users as well as the impact on our communities, residents and visitors.

“There’s a limit to what we can do within existing legislation – what’s needed is some leadership from Government on a problem that is beginning to have a big impact on all cities.

“Cities need to be able to work together with the Home Office because we can’t do it on our own.

“Criminal action is only one part of the solution, but the legislation which covers these drugs is ineffective and needs to be reviewed to take into account the impacts they are having.”