Dog owner thanks volunteers who saved her pet from Yorkshire railway line in midnight rescue mission

A woman has thanked a group of kind-hearted volunteers who rescued her dog after she became trapped on a railway line.

Bridget the border terrier
Bridget the border terrier

Beth Bennett's pet Bridget escaped from her garden in Bridlington late at night and ran towards the nearby Scarborough to Hull passenger line.

Harrogate cat returns to family after being found in Pocklington 13 years after going missingThe desperate owner posted an appeal on Facebook for sightings of the border terrier - and her plea for help was spotted by volunteer-run Facebook group Lost and Found Animals, which covers Bridlington, Driffield, Beverley and Scarborough.

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Despite it being past midnight, members of the group quickly made their way to Flamborough Road, where they found Bridget trapped behind a 6ft fence next to the railway bridge after an hour of searching.

"On Tuesday night I let Bridget out in the garden for her last wee before bed. Next thing I knew she had got out the garden and seemed to be chasing something. It was dark so I couldn't see anything. I live close to the railway and she was heading straight for the lines," said Beth.

"The people from the group were so fast to respond considering it was 12.30am, and they made me feel calm and gave me hope that we would get her back. After an hour of looking we finally heard her by the bridge on Flamborough Road, but a 6ft fence and a mass of stingers and brambles were stopping her getting to us.

"One lady from the group had a flashlight and a lead and helped me shout her. Bridget finally got close to us and one lady, Rebecca Perkins, then climbed onto a bin and reached for her. She got stung by nettles while she was doing it but I am so grateful.

"Without the help from that group I fear i would not have my dog home in one piece. They are amazing."

Bridget was unhurt and is recovering at home.