Doncaster pub receives 'many death threats' after announcing it will host Boxing Day hunt

The owners of a Doncaster pub say they have received death threats after announcing plans to host a Boxing Day hunt.

The hunt has previously been held in Bawtry.

The King William Inn in Scaftworth has agreed to host the annual Bawtry hunt on December 26 after Bawtry Town Council voted to ban this year's gathering.

But since announcing the plans, the pub says staff have received death threats.

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In a post on the pub's Facebook page, a statement said: "The receipt of death threats, of which we have had many, both via Facebook, and by telephone to us and our staff members are shocking, intolerable, and completely abhorrent, and the people responsible should be ashamed of themselves.

The King William Inn at Scaftworth.

"All of these will most definitely be passed on to the police.

The statement added: "We absolutely don't condone any illegal hunt activity, and we are assured by the hunt that on Boxing Day, Scaftworth will play host to a social event. An opportunity for people to see the horses and the hounds and get together with friends.

"We are strongly against illegal activity, and if we thought that this was going to happen with us as representatives, we would not be in support.

The King William Inn announced they would host the event after Bawtry Town Council voted to ban it from using council land because three people involved in the hunt were convicted of illegal hunting earlier this year.

The hunt has been a long-standing Boxing Day fixture in Bawtry.

The statement added: "The livelihoods of more than 30 people depend on the success of our business. While we appreciate that people share different views, we are perfectly entitled to support lawful activity.

"For those in support - we shall not bow to the heavy handed threats of people making false allegations and awful threats. The meet will go ahead and we will do out very very best to provide a super, legal day out for all."

The King William Inn at Scaftworth.
The hunt has been a long-standing Boxing Day fixture in Bawtry.