Doncaster singles spend only £21 on a date, new survey reveals

Single people in Doncaster are only able to spend just over £21 on a date, a new survey has revealed.

Doncaster singles spend just over 21 on a date.
Doncaster singles spend just over 21 on a date.

The study found that Doncaster singles suffer from ‘date poverty’ - and that 1 in 10 Brits cancel a date because of a lack of funds.

While many singletons dream of being swept off their feet on a date and taken out for a lavish three course meal, a trip to the theatre or the cinema, the reality is that actually affording to go on a date is getting further from reach.

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Wood burning stove experts Glowing Embers conducted a survey of 1,250 people to discover just how much Brits are able to spend on a date, and if singletons can even afford to go in the first place.

The survey found that the average amount Brits can afford to spend on date is the princely sum of £22.22.

However, if you live in the South East, you are positively minted in comparison to the overall UK average where people on average spend £24.86.

The region most affected by date poverty, though, is the South West; singletons living in the likes of Bristol and Dorset can only afford £19.44 on a date.

The study found that times are tough if you’re on the dating scene. So tough, it can even lead to not going on a date at all.

The survey found that 1 in 10 Brits actually cancel dates due to a lack of funds. And nearly half of us (45.9%) would be put off dating someone if that person were unable to afford to go on a date.

Having offered to pay for the date, if the potential partner then ordered an expensive bottle of champagne, most of us (42.8%) would play fair and ‘make them split the bill’ while 28.1% of Brits would just ‘grin and bear it’ and suffer the bill at the end.

25.7% would stand their ground and say they wouldn’t pay for it, while 3.4% of us would tell them to pick something else!

Other findings include that over one fifth (21.1%) of Brits avoid looking at their bank statement after going on a date as they always spend more than they budget.

17.2% of single Brits feel that they are single because they are unable to afford to go out on dates, and over half (53.1%) of single Brits admitted that they couldn’t afford to go on any dates at all right now.

While 35.1% of single Brits don’t go on a date that they can’t afford, 31.5% of admit that they dip into their savings just to pay for a date and 24.6% use their credit card to pay. 8.8% of sensible saving single Brits make sure they put money aside to afford dates.

Finally, overall 69.4% of Brits like to offer to pay on a date, 17% are happy to split it while 13.6% would rather their potential partner picked up the bill.